Unemployed basic sector workers return to their jobs in Panama – Prensa Latina

Workers in agriculture, livestock, beekeeping, aquaculture, fishing and mining, among others, who have not yet been returned to their jobs, will automatically restore their jobs this Tuesday, according to Law 201 of February 25, 2021, which gave an ultimatum to companies. In these sectors to re-employ the unemployed.

People who haven’t been reactivated by Monday must report to their jobs Tuesday to see the status of their contracts. Joanna Gonzalez, Metradale’s director of planning, told TVN-2 that the ministry will be aware of what is happening to these people.

The primary sector has a three-month period to reactivate all suspended contracts, a period that expired yesterday. The source said the secondary sector has a six-month extension and the third sector has eight months to reopen all contracts, when the country’s epidemiological situation permits.

In the midst of the economic crisis and unemployment facing the country, the Corporation is helping the unemployed by creating new opportunities such as “supporting reintegration at work” and the “learning by doing” project.

Within these two projects, we are looking for the possibility of getting the largest number of people into a job. These projects are for new jobs. At this moment, we are conducting a comprehensive follow-up on the return of the arrested workers to their jobs.

The law orders the return of pregnant women first, then union representatives and people with disabilities, and if the company fails to comply, the authority urges them to report them at Metradale offices and seek advice to act accordingly.

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