The movie will have a new cast, Elisabetta Spinelli attacking Netflix in a video

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal, new movie dedicated to Sailor Warriors, Will arrive on Netflix June 3, 2021 in Italian dubbing. However, the film will not be able to count on the former broadcasters led by Elisabetta Spinelli, as the Italian division decided to make some controversial changes.

In the event that you are not notified of the matter, we remind you Beautiful Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal is La Safe de Sailor Moon CrystalA remake of the historical manga by Naoko Takeuchi. The anime series adapted the first 12 volumes of the manga, while this new movie (divided into two parts) adapts the following five volumes, or the saga called Dead Moon Arc.

The movie premiered in Japan this past January, and is finally on the verge of making it to the west on Netflix, but unlike what has been seen in many other countries. The Italian department decided not to call the historical dubbing Usagi., Or Elisabetta Spinelli, and the assignment of the role to 1993-born voice actress Lucrezia Marricchi. The change was mainly made around the issue of age, as the voice of the twenty-seven-year-old Roman must echo the voice of the hero we remind you that he is still fifteen years old. age.

Below you can take a look at the response of Elisabetta Spinelli, who emphasized in a short video posted on social networks the importance of the role she has played so far, and introduced herself as the sole voice of Sailor Moon. “The sound has the magic of being immortal.“The dubbing actress says”Who would consider playing a cult cartoon? From Japan to the United States and Mexico to Spain, Germany and the United Kingdom, indigenous actors have always had the voice. With us the story is different, Ray Ghalib decided first and now Netflix Italy to change the voices of this popular cartoon made with only women.“.

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What do you think that? do you agree? Tell us in the comments. To test Lucrezia Marricchi’s work, we refer you to the first trailer for Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal, shared by Netflix Italy a few days ago.

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