How to use an old router as a Wi-Fi signal repeater? – Teach me science

Sure, at some point, among the many technological advances, you got Internet routers that you've been saving. Don't throw them away, with a few configurations you can turn these old routers into repeaters for your existing Internet.

Technology is constantly updated over time, and these updates have brought improvements in many features, designs, speed, accessibility, etc.

This entire technological race has brought with it the massive consumption of technological devices that are becoming obsolete with the arrival of their newer versions. Thus creating huge wastage of old devices.

Most likely, one of those devices that we mentioned that you may have are routers, these well-known devices, used to provide Internet to the home, office, building and any area.

Whether your internet company changes your routers over time or you simply purchased them to enjoy a private connection, the reason doesn't matter, but if you have an old router, don't throw it away! This can be incredibly beneficial to you.

If you want to get the most out of the old routers you have at home, we'll teach you how to turn them into a signal burner for your existing internet connection, so you can expand your home signal making it stronger in certain areas without spending a dime. .

To make your old router a repeater, you only need to have the following:

1. RJ-45 cable or Ethernet cable

2. Old router

3. Computer/Laptop

Only with these items and a little knowledge about it, we can make our router become a signal repeater for our existing internet. Just follow these steps:

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1. The first thing to consider is to disconnect both routers. We will deliver them as we need them.

Image credit: Zataka

2. The first to be dealt with is the old router, which we must connect to the computer using an Ethernet cable and turn it on.

3. Next, we must check the necessary information on the back of the router to access its settings, account, password and IP address of the router in question.

4. Once the router is turned on and connected, we will enter our computer or laptop into any internet browser and type the IP address of the router into the search engine and then press the enter button.

5. Once we enter the router settings, we will look for the “Signal Repeater” option that is present by default on some devices and activate it.

6. Otherwise, we will have to configure it manually by entering the ‹‹LAN›› option and replacing the IP of the old router with the current router.

7. Once either option is complete, we will move on to turning it off and disconnecting it.

8. Using the same Ethernet cable, we will connect both routers, the current one with the old one, to create a bridge between both devices.

9. We will turn on the current router as we normally do, and then turn on the old router.

Ready, we will see how the old router is configured as a signal repeater for your current Internet service. You can move this to any part of your home, also depending on the length of your Ethernet cable, which you can buy at any tech store.

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