It is possible that Harry and Meghan are preparing for a second visit by Charles III

The whole world was following the case King Charles III of England since his diagnosis was announced just over a week ago. The British royal family's movements were soon closely followed by national and international media. Among all these movements, the immediate visit of his son, Prince Harry, stood out. Last Tuesday, February 6, he traveled from California, where he lives with his wife, Meghan Markle, and their two young children, to support his father during his illness, which also raised questions about whether this was due to the seriousness of the situation.

Once Prince Harry arrived, he was taken to Clarence House, where he stayed for 45 minutes in the company of his father, Charles III. Although Buckingham Palace, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, and the Archewell Organization did not comment on the matter, “Hello” magazine published some details of this emotional meeting in which the king showed himself “very emotional.” The aforementioned magazine cites a source who claimed that the king “found time in the middle of a busy and planned day to see Harry as soon as possible.” orAn encounter that left the entire UK in shock due to the bad relationship between father and son.

The King's youngest son remained in his native country for 24 hours, but during his stay the only member of his family who visited him was Charles. One of the questions that was raised when announcing the intention of this trip was whether Meghan Markle would travel to London to see her father-in-law. Although this question could have been answered last week, it has now been answered A former butler at the Royal House who explained why.

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The New York Post was the means that was able to reach the source who claims that Meghan did not have the appropriate opportunity to accompany her husband because “he felt it was something he had to do alone,” he said. Grant Harold, a butler who worked for King Charles for seven years while he was a prince. Although the wife of the king's youngest son was aware of the tense relationship between father and son, she wanted to encourage her husband to go to the United Kingdom. He does not rule out in the future that “they will take the grandchildren, as this may be part of what is being discussed: an opportunity for them to come as a family,” as he concluded to the aforementioned media.

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