The appointment of a relative of Montero as a Treasury Adviser in London causes another internal earthquake in the Ministry

he Appointment through free appointment Technical Secretary General of the Ministry of Finance until a few days ago, Marta de Andrés Novo, as the new UK Finance Minister, one of the most coveted international positions for senior officials in the Ministry led by María Jesús Montero, has sparked a new internal earthquake in the department.

As the ABC was able to confirm, the Association of State Treasury Inspectors, the platform that represents 90% of professionals in one of the most powerful and influential elite bodies in management, has decided Resuming the appointment of a former Treasury official to this positionA member of a body of civil administrators of the state outside the ministry “to find out what criteria and evaluate the merit that were taken into account in electing him over other potential candidates for a position that, in our opinion, “governance requires a high degree of specialization,” explains the group’s president, Ana de la Hiran.

Appointment of Marta de Andrés, right-hand man since June 2018 of the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Finance, Pilar Paneque, One of the most trusted people That María Jesús Montero brought in from her team from the Andalusian Junta to form the hard core of her ministerial team, has raised blisters among the group of state treasury inspectors, who view the movement as a sign of lack of consideration for its members, according to a number of people. Group members were consulted.

The Treasury Inspectors Association has warned on several occasions of the dangers of excessive appointment to positions through free appointment and has warned against Risks of politicization of the IRS Which hides behind this method of appointing key positions in the treasury structure.

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One of the main reasons for their discontent is that the Royal Decree regulating the provision of positions in the financial departments of the diplomatic missions of the Kingdom of Spain expressly states that they must It is preferable to be covered by or with members of one of the higher bodies associated with the ministryOr state treasury inspectors or government auditors and auditors, or with government lawyers who can demonstrate at least five years of experience in an official position in the Ministry of Finance.

The sources consulted confirm that this provision is not free but is the norm given the degree of specialization of the job. Finance departments are a kind of treasury embassies in countries where Spain has greater economic interests, advising and resolving issues relating to its authorities in the territory, which may include aspects of tax compliance, international taxation, public accounting or cadastral issues, which do not require in-depth knowledge. Not only with tax regulations, but it also requires some experience in international negotiations, which the sources lack in the selected candidate.

“Clean” process.

“he The process was flawless Yesterday, in response to doubts surrounding the selection process taking place within the Undersecretary of Finance itself, of which the selected candidate was a senior member, the Ministry of Finance stated that the relevant position.

The Treasury also rejects any suspicion about the competence of the position of the Ministry's former Technical Secretary General on the basis that she does not belong to a special body in the Treasury. “This type of Positions have been held by other bodies As diplomats or state lawyers. These same sources added that the requirements were the same for all financial advisor positions that were hired.

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What are the identical requirements that do not support the comparison between the last two processes. On this occasion, the invitation specified only two requirements: “Knowledge in tax, customs and budgetary matters, especially in international aspects; And a high level of English. In 2017, experience in international meetings and knowledge of international law and public procurement were also needed.

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