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Barbados announced in late 2020 its intention to cease being a monarchy under Elizabeth II and become a republic by November 2021. The Barbados authorities say they are seeking to “end the British colonial legacy”, but in London they believe the decision is behind the decision the growing influence of China on the island.

It is time to leave our colonial past entirely behind.” With these words, in September 2020 the Governor-General of Barbados, Sandra Mason, confirmed the country’s intent to end Queen Elizabeth II’s presidency to become a republic. The change, which had the approval of the Prime Minister, Mia Motley, is set to take place In November 2021, when independence will be 55 years old, it will not be approved by popular vote, but only by parliamentary vote.

The news reverberated internationally, particularly among the Commonwealth of Nations, the organization of countries with historical ties to the United Kingdom. Sixteen of them are still the head of state, but many of them have become republics, most recently Mauritius in 1992. The Declaration of Barbados highlighted the declaration against its colonial past, as for centuries the island was a sugar factory with the power of production. Forced labor. Although the UK remained its main partner after independence in 1966, relations have frayed in recent decades. Now, voices have emerged in London accusing China of being behind the decision…

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