UK allocates £100 million for AI for health

The UK government will allocate £100 million to accelerate the use of… Amnesty International For health treatments against cancer or dementia. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, advertisement That £100 million will go to areas where the spread of… Amnesty International It has greater potential to create treatments for diseases that were previously untreatable. Sunak said artificial intelligence could help find new treatments for dementia or develop cancer vaccines.

Applications of artificial intelligence in medicine and health

AI health in the UK

The British executive gives an example of using artificial intelligence to drive the development of new precision treatments for dementia. “The funds will help harness UK health data to quickly identify people at risk of developing dementia and associated conditions,” she says. In this way, the government ensures that “the right patients participate in the right trials, at the right time, to effectively develop new treatments.”

Reducing energy consumption with AI is great business for technology companies

Likewise, they will be able to provide the best data on how new treatments work. “Using force artificial intelligence “To support the growing line of new dementia treatments, we will ensure that the best and most promising treatments are selected moving forward, and that patients receive the appropriate treatments that work best for them,” he says.

psychological diseases

The British CEO highlights technologies driven by artificial intelligence They show great promise in the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness. In this sense, he confirms that leading companies are already using it Amnesty International Conversation for people with mental health problems. It guides them through proactive prevention measures, referring cases to human therapists when necessary. In this case, AI assistance helps reduce pressure on NHS waiting lists.

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The government says that over the next five years it will transform mental health research and develop a data infrastructure to improve the lives of those with mental health conditions.

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