How do you tell if you have symptoms of COVID, the flu or a common cold? Sun of Puebla

Given the low temperatures on these december dates Because of the winter season, it is common for respiratory diseases to occur, since Low air humidity favors the entry of microorganisms through the respiratory tract. So it is important to know How to differentiate symptoms of COVID, the flu or a simple cold so that they can be treated as soon as possible.

according to Baldomero Zambrano Tabón, Pulmonologist Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) in Pueblain the middle of autumn a Increase in seasonal virus patients As previously mentioned, it is imperative to specify the conditions so as not to confuse them.

The medical specialist indicated that the common cold has its main characteristics Runny nose and sore throatBut in case of influenza, attacking the general condition, So it is common for it to happen Fatigue, muscle aches, fever over 38 degrees, chest and throat pain, as well as difficulty breathing.

Meanwhile, when a person has the coronavirus presents Muscle pain and headache, in addition to fatigue, a feeling of suffocation (lack of air), lack of oxygen, and a fever of more than 39 degrees.

Zambrano once urged Topon to poblanos They display any symptoms, and they self-isolate so they don’t normally infect their family or people they live withAs well as going for a medical evaluation to receive the necessary treatment.

He explained that health centers and family medicine units have them Tests to detect influenza or Covidso that citizens can request support.

But he noted that those who have difficulty breathing should be present immediately The emergency area at or closest to the IMSS clinics to be treated.

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Finally, he recommended it Continue to use face masksBecause it not only helps relieve virus spread, But it prevents some respiratory system diseasesAs it keeps the air warm and moist, which reduces infection at the level of the nose and lungs.

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