Princess Leonor’s secret to healthy and beautiful hair

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Princess Eleanor Daughter of the kings of Spain, the stronger and more beautiful she becomes. Since her birth, she has been preparing to become queen Because she was the eldest daughter, she became first in the line of succession to the Spanish throne; However, she gladly accepts it and is very actively learning everything she must learn to become king.

She is a very curious and beautiful teenager. He is currently studying in a British school away from his family, but for the holidays he comes back to visit and enjoys spending time with his parents and sister. baby Sophia. Speaking of beauty, she already has some tricks to look exceptional, which she is learning now because she knows her own body and features better and is not close to her mother who can give her advice.

Princess Leonor’s secrets to beautiful hair

Being away from home forced her to grow up really fast and that includes transforming her style into something more mature. One of his most important physical characteristics is the beautiful hair that he enjoys. We have seen in his recent works that he has changed with some touches of color and cuts that favor his features.

their secrets Volume and movement are highlights. Princess Leonor wears subtle concealer highlights that give a subtle, luminous change to her look. The most famous color treatment is balayage, but to give more light and movement, they must undoubtedly make an example of working on Princess Leonor’s hair.

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It’s about lightening a few thin strands around your face but from the bottom layers so you don’t have to touch it up constantly because the roots stay hidden. She gave her hair plenty of volume and movement with a long, layered cut that prevents frizz and makes her straight hair easy to style.

Princess Leonor has unusual but styled hair so she only needs a blow dryer and a round brush to smooth the top and shape the ends. We’ve also seen her parting her hair in a slightly side parting, a detail that shows she’s an esthetician who knows exactly what suits her face type best.

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