Trinidad Ross visits the “Mensana” exhibition in the Science Park, which publicizes developments in the field of mental health – Spain

The Director General of Social Health, Mental Health and Addictions of the Government of Andalusia, Trinidad Roz, visited the “Mensana” exhibition this Saturday, located in the Science Park of Granada, where she was accompanied by the Regional Delegate for Health and Consumerism, Indalecio Sánchez Montesinos, as well as those responsible for the Science Park itself and the regional associations that work In the field of mental health.

The temporary exhibition aims to promote the prevention of these diseases and help disseminate scientific knowledge and the latest research in this field.

Through various immersive spaces and interactive content, the exhibition provides the public with scientific knowledge about the functioning of the brain, the external and internal risk factors that influence mental illnesses and their impact on people who suffer from them. To do this, it invites visitors to experience the sensations and emotions experienced by people suffering from illnesses such as schizophrenia, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) or autism.

During his visit, Ross had the opportunity to highlight the Government of Andalusia’s Suicidal Behavior Prevention Program. It has identified twelve objectives to be achieved during the application period (2023-2026), such as establishing a coordination and monitoring structure for the programme; improving information systems on suicidal behaviour; Intervene in restricting lethal means or encourage responsible communication about suicidal behavior.

Since last 2019, the Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs of the Government of Andalusia has invested €14.2 million to improve mental health infrastructure in the autonomous region.

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