Hotel owners in Mallorca, awaiting UK decision | Hotel news

The gradual opening of hotels in Mallorca continues with a rate of 37.5% (312 enterprises operating). “At the beginning of June, not even 4 in 10 hotels registered the rate of openings, and it has nothing to do with the typical season that 100% of the factory was operating at this point in the year,” FEHM says.

The business organization explains that the Open Hotels Group “is directly linked to the progress of the vaccination campaign, with control systems functioning, contact recovery, and some barriers to mobility have been lifted, and we offer a destination with great health strength and a good tourism product”. “We have to follow this path so that the tourists trust Mallorca and see us as a safe and reliable destination,” he said.

A large part of the hotel plant is awaiting the decision by the United Kingdom on the possibility of giving differential treatment to the islands and placing the Balearic Islands on the green list for the Covid traffic signal. The next update will happen on June 7 (UK: Mass cancellation of flights to Spain due to Covid traffic signal).

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