Hostecor and the Higher Center for Food Arts and Sciences sign a cooperation agreement in training – Spain

The Cordoba Hospitality and Tourism Association (Hostecor) and the Higher Center for Arts and Sciences of Gastronomy (Csacg) have signed a cooperation agreement in the field of training aimed at obtaining professional certification.

According to the above-mentioned centre, several training activities are planned to be carried out, funded by the Department of Employment, Business and Self-Employment of the Government of Andalusia; Ministry of Education and Vocational Training and Ministry of Labor and Social Economy-SEPE, which will be taught successively.

The first course was the Professional Certificate ‘Cafeteria Services’ with 15 students, and the next course planned is the Professional Certificate ‘Bar and Cafeteria Service’, which will start in April 2024.

The training, which will be offered from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., includes 640 hours, including 80 internships in restaurants in Cordoba. The requirements to access this course are to be unemployed and possess a minimum ESO qualification or equivalent. Requests for information as well as requests can be made by phone (629045444) or by email (‘[email protected]’).

Likewise, training will be provided at the center not only to the unemployed, but also to active workers. In fact, all companies and self-employed workers who employ workers have an annual training credit, the cost of which can be deducted from Social Insurance.

The aim of this agreement is, through these accreditations, to provide attractive and necessary training for companies and workers in this sector.

In this regard, Hostecor will cooperate by hosting training students from the various training procedures offered by Csacg in its partner institutions.

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