Mexico makes history and overtakes the United States in the world baseball rankings

the Mexico baseball team Which just won a bronze medal at the Pan American Games in Santiago, Chile, emerges at No. 2 in the world men’s baseball rankings, leapfrogging the United States.

The Mexican team, which was composed of the best baseball players, gave great satisfaction to the fans of the sport, with its performance in the tournament. Classical world And now at the Pan American Games.

In the world baseball rankings, Mexico appears in second place with 4,709 points, surpassed only by the world champion Japanese team, which has 5,572 points.

In third place is only the country that invented this sport, the United States, which collected 4492 points.

In fourth place comes South Korea with 4,186 units, and China Taipei closes the top five with 3,974.

The Great Mexico Campaign

The Mexican baseball team has had a great year with many accomplishments.

Although most of its members are naturalized players, born in the United States and playing in Major League Baseball, everything has come together so that the team is currently in second place in the world rankings, surpassing the United States itself.

In the recent World Baseball Classic, in Mexico, directed by Benjamin Gill and featuring players such as Randy Arozarena, Luis UriasAlex Verdugo, among others, came in third place, but took first place in his sector.

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In the direct elimination stage they defeated Puerto Rico and in the semifinals they lost to Japan in a dramatic duel.

Mexican baseball team, bronze at the Pan American Games

In the Pan American Games in Santiago de ChileThe Mexican national team no longer held major league records, but was still battling against Caribbean and Central American powers.

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The Mexican team finished second in its sectional and won the Super Round vault medal duel against Panama 10-2.

The manager of this Mexican team was Enrique Che Reyes, and it included players from the Mexican League as great characters.

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