Britain warns of “rigging and intimidation” in the Russian presidential elections in Donbas

Madrid, December 17 (European Press) –

The British government on Sunday denounced that Russian presidential elections in March 2024 will also be held in Ukrainian territories annexed by Moscow, warning that there would be “rigging and intimidation” to achieve results that “almost certainly” legitimize the occupation. “.

“It is almost certain that the Russian administration will use methods such as massive electoral fraud and voter intimidation to ensure that Russian President Vladimir Putin wins in the regions by a large margin,” the daily report on Ukraine published by the British Ministry of Defense said.

The British military intelligence document notes that Russia’s Central Electoral Commission announced on 11 December that the presidential election would also cover the Ukrainian regions of Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporizhia, which are included in the Russian Federation, and highlights that they had already voted. In the Russian regional elections in September 2023.

“As happened in the regional elections, the presidential elections in Russian-controlled areas will almost certainly be neither free nor fair. The Russian authorities are almost certainly giving priority to achieving the ‘correct’ results in these elections because they want to give a perception.” The legitimacy of the Russian invasion.

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