EA cancels development of the new version of Dead Space 2

to update. Two hours after Jeff Grubb's report was published, IGN contacted EA for some additional information. unexpectedly, The company decided to clarify this situation by ensuring that the new version Dead space 2. This is what they commented on:

“We don't usually comment on rumours, but this story has no truth to it.”

Meanwhile, sources close to IGN confirm that this project was never in development. but, Group confirms that the new version of Dead space 2 Yes it was in developmentNot only has EA confirmed which part of its story is untrue.

Original note:

One of the most popular games of 2023 was the new version of Dead space Powered by EA Motivation. The title was so well received that many described this release as the definitive survival horror release from EA. In this way, many certainly believed that a similar work focusing on the sequel was already in production. but, It appears that this is no longer the case.

According to Jeff Grubb, a well-known media insider, EA has considered remaking it dead space 2, With Motive once again in charge of development. but, Declining sales of last year's title had convinced the company behind Battlefield not to follow that path. This is what Group commented on the matter:

“They said so [EA Motive] There was going to be a team of two future projects, Iron Man and Battlefield…so they were working on it, they were working on Dead Space 2, and they weren't working on it anymore. “It's on shelves because sales of the first game were mediocre.”

Although there are no official details at the moment, reports indicate that the new version Dead space It has sold around two million copies, which is a positive number for a survival horror game. However, it was mentioned EA hopes that this delivery will be able to reach at least five million units.

In this way, EA Motive, which has hinted in the past at the possibility of a remake, hinted Dead space 2, I had to cancel this project and focus entirely on other titles. In this regard, it has been revealed that the studio is not only currently working on an Iron Man game, but will also be taking the reins of the next Battlefield game.

for now, There is no official information from EA about the remake Dead space 2, But Grubb usually shares information he gets from reliable sources. In related topics, you can learn more about the sales of this title here. Likewise, the series creator talks about the remake.

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Editor's note:

It is very unfortunate that the new edition of Dead space 2 It wouldn't be real. While we all knew that a reimagining of the original title would be a good game, the second and third installments, especially the third installment, would have benefited more from something done in this style.

via: Jeff Group

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