Who is John Benjamin, the UK ambassador who danced to banda music in Mazatlan?

After finishing it diffuse Beach Hotels District Initiative Mazatlan To block music Sinaluense band It is customary to play in the port because foreigners do not like it; he United Kingdom Ambassador He declared himself in favor of Mexican customs.

Taking advantage of his visit to the Sinaloan lands to watch the solar eclipse on April 8, John Benjaminthe Ambassador of the United Kingdom, walked along the beaches of Mazatlan and let himself enjoy the favorite music of the locals.

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Through his account X, formerly Twitter, John BenjaminThe UK Ambassador shared a video of himself dancing to the rhythm of the Sinaloa band, and also appeared for the first time as another member of the groups of musicians who perform their services in Mazatlan beaches.

The diplomat danced with Edgar Gonzalez, the mayor of Mazatlán, who gave him his best moves as well as playing some musical instruments with a group of local musicians.

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“We Brits love the Sinaloan band! Ho Ambassador Whoever is a music lover cannot miss the opportunity to enjoy this kind of music on the beaches of Mazatlan, Sinaloa; With this phrase, the official account of the embassy published the single statement video Support Mexican culture.

Let us remember that on March 28, hundreds of musicians gathered in the main ports of Mazatlán to demonstrate peacefully against the ban on music on beaches in hotel areas due to multiple complaints from their foreign clients.

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According to the official website of the United Kingdom government, Joel Benjamin was appointed British ambassador to Mexico in 2021. He has 35 years of experience in his field and was an ambassador in the service of the British Crown in countries such as Chile, Ghana, Turkey, Indonesia, and the United States.

One of his priorities as ambassador to Mexico is to strengthen relations between the two countries in various fields and promote a group of issues of common interest, such as education, poverty reduction, human rights, gender equality, climate change, and others.

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