Hold your breath before you know what the green dot appearing in your WhatsApp conversations means

For most people, WhatsApp It was established as Mobile app The leader in messaging worldwide. However, since it is an advanced technology, this… Mobile appmainly for Android, keeps very interesting secrets. Among the most interesting, we reveal what the green light that appears when the door is opened means. to request.

Yes good WhatsApp It offers us various tools for communication, and it also offers some secrets. Well, many users Mobile app to Android Notice that there is a green dot when you try to log in. The messaging platform did not provide many details about this matter, but it is related to cybersecurity.

What does the green dot do? WhatsApp?

Google has come out to detail what this sign means about Mobile appThis green light has been implemented for greater security for its users. In general, this signal WhatsApp It is a tool that focuses on controlling personal privacy. On the other hand, this job Android This does not mean complete control of the device.

To prevent cyberattacks on our mobile devices, Google has developed a sensor that is activated WhatsApp When you try to capture some video or audio. In this Mobile app, the green dot will serve as a reference point for calculating its use. In the same way, there are also other applications for both Android Like iOS, this signal will be present.

However, if it is on these Google devices equipped with the system Android If this green signal is activated without any prior action, it is almost certainly being used without authorization. Well, they may be collecting personal information, so you should check the permissions granted to each of them Mobile app that you have. Among the most important WhatsAppBecause a lot of our private data is stored there.

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