Rugby union leaves behind the impact of Covid with a deficit of €351,000 in 2022

The Spanish Rugby Union emerges from the crisis. Spanish Rugby Federation (FER) It ended the 2022 fiscal year with a negative result of €351,360As stated in their annual accounts filed with the Commercial Register. In 2021, the Union received a surplus of €46,002.

And in the income chapter, the organization headed by Juan Carlos Martin Sanchez Recorded sales of 2.3 million euros Which translates to a 7% decrease compared to 2021 records that closed at €2.5 million.

These are the first accounts reflecting the recovery of Spanish rugby after the pandemic. Because the organization headed by Juan Carlos Martin Sanchez has approached its usual pre-pandemic activity, it has recorded an overall increase of about 60% in travel and aid expenses for athletes.

While travel expenses were set at €891,421, those allocated to assist athletes rose to €1 million. In 2021, even with some admissions due to the pandemic, the travel provision amounted to €501,752.

The pick-up in activity was not reflected in event-derived invoices. The revenues corresponding to organizing tournaments decreased from 373,297 euros in 2021 to 119,500 euros in 2022.. From ticket sales and event organisation, the FER earned a total of €288,758 in 2022, 40% less than the previous year.

Conversely, revenues from the Spanish rugby team’s matches in Madrid corresponding to the Six Nations 2021-2022 registered a 76% year-on-year increase, reaching €196,258. The national team faced Portugal, Netherlands, Romania and Namibia.

next to, FER generated €1.8 million through advertising, club and association fees and educational activities.. The sponsors informed the federation of €751,222. Fees exceeded 900,000 euros, and educational courses and activities generated 101,628 euros.

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The Federation’s financial statements indicate that “in 2020, there were significant negative impacts on the Federation’s financial position, with… Loss of sponsors such as Heineken, Renfe or Leciñena worth €430,000; This year, the FER is already recovering by activating several sponsorships that were suspended during the pandemic, such as Loterías and Infisport.

Concerning the evolution of the number of federal members, FER It ended fiscal year 2022 by increasing its federal licenses by about 20%., going from 32,333 codes in 2021 to 38,461 federal licenses last year. Although its goal before the pandemic was to reach 40,000 segments in 2020, the union did not reach its goal, although it has witnessed an upward trend in recent years.

In 2022, the union was registered A grant worth four million eurosAn increase of 29% over the previous year. The Supreme Sports Council provided assistance worth 2.4 million euros. International Rugby Federation (World Rugby) €1.4 million; The European Union 36,350 euros and the Spanish Olympic Committee 3,500 euros.

The support provided by the organization headed by Victor Francos was allocated to the highly competitive project (1.1 million euros); The National Sports Technologies Program (€55,907) and the Sports and Women Program (€35,000), among other projects.

Furthermore, in 2022, as a result of the CSD’s request to the Ministry of Finance for a three-year budget covering 2022, 2023 and 2024, the Council’s support from last year saw a significant delay in its receipt, so the Fed Fund contracted on June 8 September 2022, Through the Crea SGR entity, Credit policy with Banco Sabadell of €682,000. The subsidies granted by the Commission on Sustainable Development served as a guarantee for the administration of the said policy.

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Spain is following the World Championship from home, after it was approved by the Independent Judicial Committee for the World Rugby Championship, in early May 2022. The punishment imposed on the Spanish rugby team will exclude it from the 2023 World Cup in FranceThis is due to the poor ranking of Gavin van den Berg, a South African-born player, in two matches of the European Championship qualifiers for the World Championship. The Spanish punishment caused an earthquake in national rugby, resulting in Alfonso Figo assuming the presidency of the Spanish Rugby Union.

England, which ranks second in the national team rankings according to the International Rugby Federation (World Rugby, in English), is the country with the largest number of players. It has 2.2 million active rugby playersWhich means that 4% of its population practices this sport. The history of rugby in the United Kingdom goes back a long way.

For this part, Fiji, despite having 136,030 active rugby players in 2023, is a Top 15 With the highest percentage of practitioners of this sport: 14.7% of its total population plays rugby. In fact, in two years, the number of active rugby players has increased by 35%.

South Africa is the second country in Top 10 With the highest number of active rugby players in 2023With 804,279 athletes, 46% more than in 2021. The African country has a population of 59.4 million people, 1.4% of whom play rugby.

The French team, the host of this world championship, is the third in the world in terms of the largest number of active rugby players, with 670,847 athletes. The ratio of players per total population increases to 1%. Between 2021 and 2023, the number of rugby players increased by 23.7%.

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