Mexico will invest 148 billion pesos in science and technology in 2024 from Grupo Milenio

By 2024, Mexico You will invest An amount exceeding 148 billion pesos in it “program Sciences, technology and innovation,” which represents an increase of 15.5 percent compared to 2022, according to the ministry tax authority and Public Credit (SHCP).

Mexico He ranks third Latin America in innovation, with result 31 out of 100, behind BrazilWhich occupies first place by obtaining 5 places compared to 2022, and Chili pepperin second place.

Science and technology in Mexico

In the 2022 edition, World Intellectual Property Organization (World Intellectual Property Organization)WIPO) Location Mexico at the same place than it was in 2023. In 2020, the country was the no 55th place in the world: In just 3 years, it has fallen 3 places in the innovation index.

Positions occupied by Latin American countries in the innovation classification. | Statista

Darren Tagg, Director WIPOHe said:

“With the Global Innovation Index“Policymakers around the world have reliable data and information to develop innovation-friendly projects that unleash the innovative potential of citizens.”.

Other Latin American countries, e.g Uruguay And Savior, They got better positions in he classification Compared to previous years.

“A group of emerging economies are gradually rising in the Global Innovation Index rankings, showing that the focus on the innovation ecosystem is paying off.”Tang confirmed.

In the top 5 of classification published by WIPO, exists Swiss As the country with the greatest innovation, it follows Sweden, United State, United kingdom And Singapore; For 12 years, Switzerland has been a world leader In innovation.


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