Historical find: An incredibly rare white robin has been spotted in the United Kingdom

Hobbyist photographer from Stockton-on-Tees, UK Captured an all-white robin in picturesWhich is unusual to see. Flashy Robin It is famous for its distinctive red chestCaptured on video by the amateur photographer, Ali Marley, 38, while outing with her dog near her home.

This striking bird is believed to be one of the few that has been photographed He is more curious because he is completely white, rather than having red boobs.

To get to know it, The woman benefited from her experience with photographing birds And with the help of an application to confirm the species. According to her, The bird appeared to him up to three different times before, But it wasn’t until this time that he was able to immortalize it.

It is estimated that approximately One in 30,000 robins suffers from partial or total albinismIt is a condition related to pigmentation and is characterized by the absence of any kind of color in the feathers that affects it Also pigmentation of the skin and eyes.

On the other hand, albinism is not the only reason that explains the white color of a bird. Losesmia is a genetic characteristic resulting from a recessive gene, which gives a partially or completely white color to a bird’s plumage.Maintains eye color intact.

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