UK must start ‘building’, says new economy secretary

There is “no time to waste” to boost economic growth, Britain’s Labour Party’s new economic adviser Rachel Reeves said on Monday, adding that the country needed to speed up infrastructure building, particularly in wind power and housing.

In a speech to business leaders in London, in which he detailed the “first steps taken by the new Labour government to lay the foundations of our economy,” he stressed that “we must ensure that we rebuild (the country) again.”

“From today we will end the ridiculous ban on onshore wind power in England,” he declared, referring to what Labour saw as a de facto blockade, as local opposition could stop projects.

“We will be consulting to reintegrate onshore wind into the nationally significant infrastructure system, which means decisions will be made at a national rather than local level,” Reeves added.

The Labour government pledged, in a press release, to “double onshore wind power by 2030”.

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The minister also referred to Labour’s promise to build 1.5 million homes.

The Economy Minister also denounced that “the country today faces the legacy of fourteen years of chaos and economic irresponsibility” under conservative governments.

Britain’s public finances have been hit in recent years by Brexit, the pandemic, rising inflation and the resulting purchasing power crisis.

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Although the economy appears to have picked up somewhat in recent months, public finances remain fragile.

Reeves added that when the new Labour government’s room for manoeuvre, particularly on the budget, appears limited, the government will apply “tough rules”, reiterating his promises of “iron discipline” in public finances.

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The Labour Party’s programme during the campaign was modest in terms of spending and new revenues through tax increases.

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