UK changes Mary Poppins classification due to discriminatory language

Miami.- Classic of Disney Mary Poppins It will not be considered anymore United kingdom K film Suitable for all audiences, after the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC), the body that regulates film ratings, claimed that the film from the 1960s was using… language Discriminatory.

Now, productions have stopped marking U (which in Great Britain means viewable by all ages) to PG (Parental Guidance Suggested); He pointed out that this means that the film contains content not intended for a children’s audience, so it is recommended to watch it under the supervision of parents. Welcome.

Controversy surrounding the film

The agency indicated that the change was made mainly because the character of Admiral Boom refers to the Hottentot tribe, a group of pastoralists belonging to South Africa known as the Khoikho, with a term considered insulting and racist.

The scene shows how Admiral Boom thought he was being attacked by these people who were free to clean chimneys and whose faces were smeared with coal. In light of the assumption, the man leaves his house and shoots fireworks at them while telling them “Cheeky devils (Cheeky devils).

The BBFC claimed the term was racist and is not currently used.

The controversy surrounding this decision was not long in coming, as fans of the film did not consider it fair for the BBFC to raise its rating.

However, this is not the first time that the film's classification has been the subject of controversy. In 1964, when Mary Poppins was released, it was released under the “talk” classification, as it touched on topics such as women's rights. To vote in the song Suffragette, iPerformed by Ms. Banks.



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