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With joy and satisfaction, the management team, academics and students of the Master of Science with Genetics at the Universidad Austral de Chile received the news that this program has maintained its accreditation and extended it until 2029. This result extends the certification by one year achieved in the previous process.

Dr. Pablo Saenz.

he Dr. Pablo Saenz, Director of the Master’s DegreeHe explained that this was a case where they worked hard to highlight the current characteristics of the programme, while at the same time highlighting the developments and improvements it had seen in response to the feedback provided during the previous process.

We believe that the increase in accreditation duration reflects the commitment and effort of the program’s faculty to continuous improvement. It is pleasing to see that these efforts are on the right track. It is also important to highlight that we have received very positive feedback from CNA, which leaves us with a clear road map and will allow us to develop an action plan to continue improving and providing excellent education.», highlighted the director.

He added that it is a program that continuously analyzes opportunities for improvement in various fields. Along these lines, he highlighted the progress made in integrating new academics, both into the teaching staff and as collaborating professors, the establishment of linkage agreements with undergraduates and changes within the curricular framework that have allowed for improved length of stay of students in the programme. . “We still have many challenges left by peer reviewers that we have already begun to address.».

Dr. Luis Miguel Pardo.

For his part, he said: Dr. Luis Miguel Pardo, Director of the Graduate School From the Faculty of Science, he expressed his satisfaction with the accreditation achieved, which, according to his impression, is the result of the work of an entire team, both from the university authorities at the central level and from the Faculty of Science and its graduate school. “It shows that we are on the right track academically and that we are strong in postgraduate training“, noted Dr. Pardo.

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Finally, it should be noted that Master of Science with a mention in Genetics Its main goal is to train specialists to visualize, analyze, and solve problems related to the function and regulation of genes and other patterns of inheritance, in natural populations of organisms, or in organisms of human interest. Its students receive appropriate training to pursue doctoral studies in evolutionary biology and ecology, but it also provides them with the ability to plan and develop professional activities related to decision-making regarding the consequences of global change and the biodiversity crisis, in relationship with genetic resources. His lines of research are:

A) Evolutionary genomics.

b) Molecular systematics.

c) Population genetics and molecular ecology.

D) Functional genomics.

e) Genetic improvement and molecular biotechnology.

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