He won $500 so he bought more Scratch-Offs and got $1 million

Lottery scratch cards continue to delight those who decide to try their luck and buy a ticket. One of the most striking cases in recent days is that of Fang Zha, a resident of California, United States. The winner said that he has participated frequently and thus has won many times in different games. The strange thing is that the last time he succeeded, thanks to luck, he got two prizes, one of them important.

The avid gamer bought some California lottery tickets and tried his luck by drawing a “$30 California 200x scratch off”. Fang Zha admitted that he was surprised to receive the news that the opportunity had been given to him in a match he hadn’t repeated often.

To his surprise, when he scratched off one of the tickets, he won a $500.00 prize. By the way, he decided to invest this money in other lottery tickets. Thus, he tried his luck and put a little money in his shares into the various variants of games of chance.

Capital surprise at home

The biggest surprise was for the California-based player, once he got home. After a hard day at work, he scratched off another ticket he had bought and won a million dollars. Of course, he saw him so many times because he himself could not believe that luck smiled at him like that.

The winner commented to the press after receiving his prize that he was “stunned. I scanned it into the lottery app to make sure it was correct, and it was.”

Later, he said that he did not know what he would do with the money he received. However, he confirmed that part of the budget would be used to purchase other lottery scratch cards.

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This way you will continue to try your luck, may the lottery bring you more exciting prizes in the future.

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