Pedro Pascal wanted to see an art exhibition in his honor but I can’t get in: what happened?

Pedro Pascal, who was recently nominated for three Emmy Awards in 2023, had an uncomfortable moment when he couldn’t enter an art gallery in LondonEngland, where there was an exhibition dedicated to him entitled “ADHD Hyper Fixation and Why I Seem to Love Pedro Pascal“.

In fact, the Chilean actor traveled to the UK with fellow Talk Art podcasters: Russell Tippett and Robert Diament to appreciate the work of artist Heidi Gentle Borrell; However I can’t see the gallery, what happened?

It was last Sunday, August 6, when the actor who plays Prince Oberyn Martell in Game of Thrones’ visitedRhodes GalleryHe is located in the town of Margate in the UK, without imagining that the institution, where the paintings of his face were exhibited, was closed that day.

This moment was posted by Robert Diament in his account instagramWhere Pedro Pascal is seen smiling despite not entering the building and not seeing the art pieces bearing his name. The three friends appear next to a small black and white drawing by Pedro Pascal, below a poster of the artist with the description: “ADHD and why I seem to love Pedro Pascal“.

Pedro Pascal is a Chilean-American actor known for his versatility and ability to portray a variety of characters on television and film. | Source: Agence France-Presse

Pedro Pascal plays Joe Miller in the HBO drama The Last of Us. | Source: Instagram (@pascalispunk)

For her part, Heidi Gentle Borrell was surprised to learn that Pedro Pascal himself went to the museum to appreciate his work. “It was absolute madness,” he said in an interview with The Independent. “I totally understand why Robert didn’t tell me he was going with Pedro, they want their privacy. But I’m a little sad that I missed them.”

“It was very nice. Although I imagine he (Pedro Pascal) is a bit awkward, with all the art on him (…) It pissed me off because it was a Sunday, when the gallery was closed. I would love that Robert would bring him in when he opens exhibition”.

Pedro Pascal will receive a gift as an apology

Later, Jessica Rhodes Robb, co-owner of the art gallery, announced that a gift would be made to Pedro Pascal as a token of apology for the inconvenience caused by not being allowed entry.

“We are appalled that they were unable to enter and the Sunday opening policy is definitely under review. We will be sending Pedro Pascal a gift from the gallery as an apology,” he said in a statement. CNN.

Who is the Emmy nominated actor Pedro Pascal?

José Pedro Palmaceda Pascal, or simply Pedro Pascal, is a famous Hollywood actor who was born in Santiago de Chile 48 years ago. Pascal is best known for his starring role as Joe Miller in the HBO drama ‘The last of usHe is also known for playing bounty hunter Din Djarin in ‘The Mandalorian.

Last July, Pedro Pascal was nominated in three different categories at the 2023 Emmys as they appeared as Best Actor in a Drama Series with ‘The last of us‘, Best Guest for his appearance on Saturday Night Live, and another for ‘Best Narrator’ after serving as the series’ voice-over announcer. CNNPatagonia: Life at the Edge of the World.

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