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A British young man confirms that he traveled to Istanbul, Turkey, to undergo dental and cosmetic surgery. However, the results were not as expected. In a conversation with a local outlet, Jack James, 22, spoke about the episode and confirmed that it now looks like “a shark in a horror movie.”

Since he works as a model, the Englishman decided to wear false teeth to “look better on camera” last September.

news website Announce that the boy is dead 3 thousand pounds sterling (Over $3,800) on a set of veneers. Although he was satisfied with the result at first, over the weeks his situation changed.

Any minute now, Jack? Manchester, suffered from bad breath and bleeding. His gums also began to bleed and ache. This is not counting the pus that came out of his teeth.

After going to the dentist, he was told that his natural teeth were in terrible shape and that he had to pay 20 thousand pounds to fix it.

Horror film

Desperate and unable to afford the exorbitant costs in the UK, the model contacted the clinic in Turkey again to see if they could help him.

They were adamant that it was not their fault. They said I have to pay again to fix it.”The young man pointed.

James had no choice but to return to Istanbul to recover and improve his teeth. However, by the time the shell has been removed for a new shell, He was baffled to see what it looked like.

Before new temporary teeth were put in, the Brit discovered his molars looked like they belonged to a ‘shark’.

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“It felt like I came out of a horror movie.”to remember. However, his ordeal did not end there because, in his country, a wood veneer fell off and then a tooth root when brushing.

Jack ends up advising people to educate themselves when it comes to undergoing plastic surgery. He also mentioned that dental treatment in the UK usually costs a lot, which is why there are those who look for options outside the country.

Tips to keep in mind to have healthy teeth

  • Brush your teeth twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste.
  • Floss regularly.
  • Visit your dentist regularly for check-ups and cleanings.
  • Tell him or her about any medical problems you have and the medicines you take.

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