One by one, they are 70 people on the government’s VIP vaccination list

Famous names and unknown people. Adults at risk and young adults 27 or 32 years old. Primary officials and others. Friends of former Minister Guinness Gonzalez Garcia and subordinates to his successor, Carla Vizotti.

– 70 names of beneficiaries from the vaccination scandal of VIPs in the Ministry of Health, which was revealed by the government, They include officials, business people, relatives, leaders, and even journalists.

1) Alberto Fernandez: 61 years old. Chief of state.

2) Julio Vettobello: 63 years old. Secretary General of the Presidency.

3) Juan Pablo Biondi: 48 years old. Presidential spokesperson.

4) Marcelo Martin: 51 years old. A vaccine as part of the “presidential bubble”. Undersecretary of the Ministry of Communications and Press of the nation.

5) Esteban Collazo: 33 years old. Presidential photographer. Prior to that, he worked in Telam and Ubasa. A vaccine for being part of the “presidential bubble”.

6) Nicholas Ritko: 27 years old. Works in the ceremonial chair. Member of the “Presidential Bubble”.

7) Felipe Sulla: 70 years old. Advisor.

8) Jorge Naeem: 71 years old. Secretary of International Economic Relations at the Chancellery.

9) Martin Guzmán: 38 years old. Minister of Economy.

10) Melina Malamas: 32 years old. An economist, she was a student at Martín Guzmán and today is the head of the Economy Ministry.

11) Vera Voscanian: 32 years old. Secretary to Minister Martin Guzman. He was a Director of Press and Society at the Ministry of Production, according to his Linkedin profile. She introduced herself on Twitter as “an Armenian, dancer and journalist.” Then delete it.

12) Sergio Choudos: 51 years old Representative of the Southern Cone on the International Monetary Fund (IMF) board of directors. Mediator between the agency and the government in negotiating the debt.

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13) Pablo Salinas: Adviser to the Ministry of Economy. He works as private secretary to Minister Guzmán. Political scientist from the Gstar Institute.

14) Maya Kolodenko: Economist. Head of the temporary special implementation unit for “the coordination and management of international affairs” of the Ministry of Economy.

15) Daniel Cioli: Ambassador to Brazil. Former Vice President and Governor of Buenos Aires.

16) Oscar Domingo Pepo: Ambassador to Paraguay. Former Chaco Governor.

17) Carlos Zanini: National Treasury Attorney.

18) Guinness Gonzalez Garcia: Former Minister of Health.

19) Lisandro Amelio Bonelli: nephew of Guinness Gonzalez Garcia and President of the Counselors Bureau. This Monday he resigned.

20) Judit Diaz Bazan: Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health for Quality, Regulation and Supervision. Infectious Medicine Doctor.

21) Marcelo Ariel Gil: employee of the Ministry of Health and the right hand of Genis Gonzalez Garcia. They presented him in newspapers as an “expert” and a “consultant”. They also vaccinated his father, friend of Guinness.

22) Mauricio Alberto Monsalvo: Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health.

23) Martin Horacio Sabinoso: Secretary for Health Equity, Ministry of Health.

24) Arnaldo Medina: Secretary of Quality in Health at the Ministry of Health.

25) Claudio Miguel Damico: Official at the Ministry of Health.

26) José Corchuelo Blasco: Former national lawmaker and health minister in Chubut. Friend of Guinness Gonzalez Garcia and co-founder of the Isalud Institute.

27) Hector Baryunoyevo: National Director for Mental Health and Addiction, Ministry of Health.

28) Patricia Gallardo: Director of the National Cancer Institute of the Ministry of Health.

29) Mariano Alberto Fontela: Under Secretary of Health for Systems Integration.

30) Andrés Joaquín Leibovi:: Under Secretary for Policy, Regulation and Supervision, Ministry of Health.

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31) Horacio Insa: Private Secretary to former Minister Guinness Gonzalez Garcia.

32) Eugenio Daniel Zanarini: Health services supervisor and business partner for Ginés González García.

33) Analia Rerrett: National Director of Epidemiology, Ministry of Health.

34) Juan Pablo Sol: Logistic Coordinator for the Access to Health Secretariat, led by Carla Vizotti.

35) Analia Aquino: Advisor at the Health Access Trust at the Carla Vizotti Department.

36) Alejandro Costa: Under Secretary of Health for Health Strategies.

37) Juan Castelli: National Director for Infectious Diseases Control in the country’s Ministry of Health.

38) Maria de Los Angeles Dominguez: Officer at the Ministry of Health.

39) Graciela Miranda: No data.

40) Filomena Marta Borgo: wife of former mayor Hugo Corto.

41) “Páez D’Alessandro”: His first name does not appear.

42) Irene Lopez: This refers to Irene Ebonne Lopez, 44, who is a foreign national.

43) Nestor Mandrachio: 59 years old. He was an employee of Irene Lopez.

44) Gabriel Michi: C5N journalist. He said he discovered he had been vaccinated on a trip to Manaus, an area in Brazil with a high risk of infection.

45) Jorge Hector DeVotto: “El Taupo”, Kirchner leader, filmmaker and author of a book on Nestor Kirchner.

46) Patricia Ela: Wife of Carlos Zanini. Former employee.

47) Lorenzo Antonio Pepe: former lawmaker and union leader of Pironi.

48) Marcelo Jorge Duhalde: 72 years old. Ex-official Guinness Gonzalez Garcia on his previous assignment in the ministry, under the leadership of Nestor Kirchner. Brother of the former Secretary of Human Rights, the late Eduardo Luis Duhalde. journalist.

49) Hugo Corto: former mayor of Tres de Febrero, a “suburban baron”.

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50) Eduardo Duhalde: Former President.

51) Hilda Gonzalez. Chichi, wife of Eduardo Duhalde, former minister and senator.

52) Carlos Mao: Personal Secretary to former President Duhalde.

53) Maria Eva Duhalde: 49 years old. Daughter of Eduardo Duhalde.

54) Juliana Duhalde: 46 years old. Daughter of Eduardo Duhalde.

55) Carlos Ariel Gillardi: 41 years old. Head of Strategic Planning at the Ministry of Health.

56) Yael Morishti: employee at the Ministry of Health.

57) Carlos Alberto Avila: Employee at the Ministry of Health.

58) Juan Soto: No data.

59) Camilo Marteletti: 22 years old. Son of Maria Julieta Martinez, a woman associated with the San Antonio de Padua Nuns Congregation.

60) Miguel Angel Gonzalez: No data.

61) Siza Manoukian: 77 years old. Retired businessman.

62) Horacio Verbitsky: Journalist, director of CELS and portal El Cohete a la Luna. El Uncover was expelled from the radio station due to the scandal. They misspelled his last name as “Verbinsky”.

63) Florencio Aldre Iglesias: Businessman from Mar del Plata, owner of La Capital newspaper in that city and Hermitage Hotel, among other companies

64) Lourdes Noya Aldrey: A relative of Aldrey Iglesias.

65) Matilda Noia Al-Dorry: Relative to Aldrey Iglesias.

66) Dolores Noia Aldre: related to Aldre Iglesias.

67) Felix Ologgio Gil: Father of Marcelo Gil, who is also on the vaccination list. He will be friends with Ginés González García.

68) Jorge Enrique Taiana: National Senator and former Chancellor. Bernarda Lorente’s husband, Head of Telam News.

69) Salomon Schachter: Doctor, friend of Janes Gonzalez Garcia.

70) Eduardo Valdes: National Representative.


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