He lost his 140 euro sneakers when he escaped from a bottle

Sounds like a story, but it won’t have a happy ending: The local police in Chipiona (Cádiz) are looking for “Centero”. So they contacted the young man, due to lack of information, who went missing last weekend Sneakers worth 140 euros when escaping from a bottleWhere cheap rum was consumed.

The authority published an appeal on social networks to find the handsome lover who lost his shoes when he ran away. There, the customers admitted that they stayed”“Locker” I see how someone with 140 euros slippers drinks glasses of rum for 8 euros a bottle.”

The police went to melt a bottle on the park near the Regla campus. There, as one agent explained to laSexta, “On noticing our presence, several groups ran away and one of the members left on their flight an ice bag, a bottle of rum, and this shoe.”

“Ashi, you can take back your slippers by coming to our headquarters With the other spouse, your ID card and presented the princess. Moral: If you turn it on it’s because you know you’re not doing something quite right and the bottle is still one of the most extreme routes of infection.”

Now, Cinderella will have to decide whether he prefers to take his shoes back or not You face a penalty of up to 300 euros.

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