Having real goals and successfully achieving them improves your emotional health

The World Health Organization The World Health Organization defines health as a complete state emotional well-beingAnd the physical and social He points out that there are many studies that show that people have goodness Psychological health Or they are emotionally healthy, “have higher commitment, and facilitate a better work environment, which results in reduced absenteeism.” Similarly, the World Health Organization ensures that ensuring the emotional well-being of others has a positive effect not only on the immediate environment, but also on the person himself. In this sense, from psychology s training They claim that Goals (whether real or not)which we celebrate in life, is one of the Most Influential Factors in our emotional well-being.

Online platform for psychologists Psychiatric treatment Holds that our well-being too Depends on how much control you have. about their thoughts and feelings. Which is that if the goals are unattainable or unclear, our brain will be very confused because it does not stop. Imagine catastrophic scenarios. This constant fantasizing can affect both a physical and an emotional level.

“There are circumstances like Anxiety, stress and anxietyamong other things, can cause serious illnesses”, they emphasize from this psychological assistance organization. To tell the truth, sometimes setting real goals is very complicated due to the global situation in which we live, as We develop attached to social networks. In them, we meet people who seem to do very well, and in some cases we envy them for their lifestyle. Instead, it is very important to be aware of this and to remember it success depends Mainly that The goals we set for ourselves are achievable.

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The SMART Model or How to Succeed in Your Goals

Currently , Smart model It is the main method that both companies and psychologists recommend to follow to set our goals and ensure success. Its definition is an acronym for specific (‘specific’), Measurable (“Measurable”) , accessible (‘Realizable’), realistic (“realistic”) and “just in time”, which means that The goal must be achievedat a certain time.

The SMART method explain it Our challenges must be tough To feel motivated enough to continue with them and eventually reach them. “This can be achieved through an active thought process, that is, thanks to self meditation‘, they reckon from Psychology and the mind.

On the other hand, to know that we have achieved our goals, it is necessary to have ‘concrete evidence’he is called, Our goals must be measurable. This translates to a suggestion short term goals to reach the end.

Regarding acceptable s the realist, these are two qualities that help us get halfway through without starting to work on our goal. That is why it is advisable, depending on what we have set, to be aware You know?Economic, social, human and physical. as per model ‘Clever’If we don’t keep this in mind, it will be impossible for us to achieve anything and we will be disappointed. This failure may cause general malaise and even anxiety and depression.

Finally, the “SMART” method recommends establishLimit To achieve the set goals, in this way we will know how to do with the process, we can also surprise ourselves realizing that we have successfully achieved our goal. Best of all, if we follow these steps, our health and emotional well-being will be as best as possible. Another consequence is that From now on it will be easier Set goals or dreams because we already know the procedure and we know what to do and what not to do.

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Improving emotional well-being is an urgent goal for everyone

As the World Health Organization points out, it is essential to improve the emotional well-being of the population in general and, with it, the mental health of each person.Take action in sectors other than health and the involvement of the sectors responsible for education, labour, justice, transport, environment, housing and social protection.” As a result, all member states of this organization have committed themselves to implementing Comprehensive Mental Health Action Plan 2013-2030، Strengthening information systemsScientific data and research.

In this context, the Federation of Mental Health Spain Appealed to businesses to promote emotional well-being and Mental health in the workplace, claiming that “its proper functioning depends to a large extent on the human factor.” Well, as we said at the beginning, for good mental health it is necessary to have perfect emotional, physical and social health, the latter of which is very necessary at work and in our family and friends.

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