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His lawyer confirmed that the officer is currently at his home, although he is still at the disposal of the police command, while investigations continue.

Boucher was one of the executives accused of boycotting the operation at Village de Dieu on March 12, which exposed the weaknesses of the public order forces.

On that day, dozens of police officers intervened in the slum at the southern entrance to the capital, but soon outnumbered heavily armed gangsters, and received no reinforcements. Pictures of mutilated corpses spread across social networks and sparked outrage in the community, as well as causing Phantom 509 Police Faction to take to the streets to demand justice.

The day before, the Prime Minister and Chairman of the Supreme Council of the National Police, Joseph Guth, recognized strategic mistakes during the officers’ incursion, and criticized the withholding of information vital to their good performance.

The official admitted that “some people did not respect the instructions that were given to them and hid the information by not providing all the information in a timely manner,” and he also pointed to errors in monitoring the work area through digital means such as drones.

Guth suggested that not all vehicles enter the village of De Dio, which is “like a bunker” and called for a further investigation to determine responsibility and punish the perpetrators.

In addition to the dead policemen, eight others were injured, and an agent is still missing. The Prime Minister confirmed and reiterated that they are working to retrieve the bodies that are still in the hands of the gangs.

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