Haiti will be a local in Felix Sanchez in the League of Nations

The Dominican Republic has made better use of the pandemic and logistical constraints in the region than anyone else to become a regular venue for hosting international football tournaments, at any level.

This and the political situation in Haiti This resulted in the neighboring nation’s federation (FHF) agreeing, for the first time, to play official matches for the absolute men’s team on Dominican soil, one of only four Caribbeans to attend the World Cup (Germany ’74). In the Gold Cup and face the greats of the planet in friendly matches.

Tuesday June 7th against Montserrat and June 14th against Guyana in Group B The League of Nations of the Union of North and Central America and the Caribbean (CONCACAF). For those matches, the Félix Sánchez Olympic Stadium will be under the responsibility of the FHF, from security to ticket sales.

Arturo Heisen, general secretary of the Dominican Football Association, explained to Diario Libre newspaper that the Haitians would arrive a week earlier to set up a training base.

They are the owners of the stadium, I simply loan them the stadium. In the end, they are responsible for everything, depending on what CONCACAF Excuse him, there are things that exist CONCACAF As a television, commercial side, Hensen said, they are simply the local club as if I were my party, just as they are required of them in their country.”

“before Haiti I felt that there was no way (to play in the country), perhaps because of the previous administration, I don’t know, or there were no conditions, I say, and they preferred to go to Miami, even if it cost them much more, the case of the hotel, the play, it all cost him Much more,” Puerto Rico said. “Everything is much easier here as a union.”

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It is a common practice when countries have significant quotas of immigrants in other countries. Thus, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Central American countries regularly play matches in the United States and African countries in France.

Montserrat, whose stadium did not agree to recognize FIFA He also appealed to the Dominican headquarters, and would have a similar mission in the capital’s Park on 4 June against Guyana and on 11 June against Bermuda.

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