With the cultivation of tilapia, they opened CONCIENTE 2021 at the Caracas Science Museum

This Tuesday, tilapia fingerlings were stored in the Science Museum of Caracas, as part of the days of experiments conducted at the opening of the Scientific and Technological Conference on Fishing, Aquaculture and Related Activities (CONCIENTE 2021).

This was stated by the Minister of People’s Power for Fisheries and Aquaculture, Juan Luis Laya, who also confirmed that the activities will last for 3 days and more than a thousand people have already participated via the web.

He added that one of the other experiments conducted was the aquaponics experiment, “where a host of other methods have also been added for the development of our species.”

He pointed out that the fishing sector includes 916 councils of fishermen, in addition to biologists, technicians, the Ministry of People’s Power for Culture and the file of science and technology.

He added, “We have added all the technologies and all the support and expertise we have in the country, and we will make it known to all our fishermen, fishermen and industries councils to further enhance the fishing and agriculture sector.” She said.

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