Haiti awaits mass protests

Port-au-Prince – Haiti wakes up today, waiting for mass protests in several cities organized by hostile sectors to pressure the departure of President Juvenile Moise in February.

On Friday, the opposition called for a popular uprising, the first in a series of social and political unrest that aspires to establish a transitional government capable of forming alliances, seeking consensus and achieving stability for the small nation.

The lawyer and spokesperson for the democratic and popular sector confirmed, through his social media sites, that everything is ready in Port-au-Prince, Cape Haitien, Saint Mark, Guenevis, Betty Guavi, Lee Kay, Hinche, Liogan, Mirbalais and Unamenth on the occasion of the Day of National Mobilization.

The protest is expected to begin in the capital at Champs de Mars, the country’s main public square, and end in front of the United States embassy, ​​which they accuse of providing support to the president.

For opposition sectors, Mose’s constitutional term ends on February 7, although he only ruled four out of the five years stipulated in the constitution.

He also criticizes the accumulation of the powers of the President of the Republic since he rules by decree after the end of the term of all deputies and two-thirds of the senators in January 2020.

For his part, Moyes refused to leave his post, and confirmed in recent weeks the support of international organizations such as the United Nations for his project on constitutional change and holding general elections.

In several public interventions, he insisted that no one arrives at the National Palace without validating them through an electoral process.

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In addition to Friday’s protests, the movements are scheduled to take place on January 20 and 22, and from February 1 the final phase against the current government will begin, they announced at a press conference.

Likewise, the Police Syndicate announced that it will take to the streets next Sunday to demand better salaries and economic bonuses and to fulfill the promises of the executive branch.

This union sparked tensions over the past year, with an extremist gang that sparked confrontations with the army, burned state machinery, and attacked public institutions.

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