Sebastian Vella’s video that made Boca fans explode networks

These are not easy hours at Bucca. After elimination against Santos after a painful 3-0 lossEverything is very sensitive and the fans are very upset with the performance far from what was expected in the semi-finals of the Copa Libertadores.

And just like The video of players walking on the pitch with the 0-1 match has gone viral on social networks And it was something we were talking about. During the early hours of Friday, 15 other photos appeared that annoyed the crowd.

The photos and videos were just shared on Friday on the account of the two women who appeared at the small party on Instagram, although they were later deleted. That was too late: Multiple users viewed the stories And they uploaded it to Twitter where it quickly spread Sebastian Vella was the targeted hero.

To Colombian He was seen celebrating his birthday with some friends and friends While dancing at home. Although the images went beyond the post-defeat in Brazil, they are unclear When this party happened, neither the location nor the context.

Although there are no details about when that encounter and the videos simply show that the attacker is enjoying himself among acquaintances within his own field, Fans exploded, showing all their anger on social media Considering that it is a situation that does not correspond to the moment in which the club lives after the elimination By the Brazilians.

Boca faces another challenge on the field on Sunday and a chance to recover – in part – the faded image he left in Brazil. Although the 3–0 victory would last for a while, especially because of the way the team came out to play in the semi-final against Santos.

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The question is whether Villa will face Banfield in the Diego Maradona Cup decider. He’s not the only one referenced among the players, by the way, but this inconvenient video by the time it was known inflamed fans, who don’t even wonder when it is.

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