“Habituation”: What this psychological practice consists of that helps restore joy

A new book has highlighted the importance of introducing changes into our daily routine to force us to see the world from a fresh, fresh and positive perspective.

Sorrow. Image: Unsplash.

In a world where routine Comfort often immerses a person in an endless cycle of repetition, the new book creates a buzz by offering… Solution wide: “Get used to”. However, the questions underlying this practice are how it can help restore lost joy and why it has become so popular.

According to experts, many people feel trapped somewhere infinite loopWhat used to be exciting and motivating now only contributes to… Daily boredom. This constant repetition is compared to being trapped under a kind of shell, which becomes increasingly rigid and oppressive over time.

Sorrow.  Image: Unsplash.Sorrow. Image: Unsplash.

What is the solution to this very common problem? The answer may seem obvious: break the routine. But it is important to highlight what science says about the phenomenon of habituation and how effective it is when put into practice.

“One of the reasons diversification leads to happiness is that it puts you in an awkward position Learning situation“Learning is intrinsically rewarding,” Sharot said. “Since change often leads to learning, It can increase well-being“he added.

Sorrow.  Image: Unsplash.Sorrow. Image: Unsplash.

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“Stop” to regain happiness

Concept Get used to itThe brain reduces its response to repetitive stimuli over time, which is crucial to understanding why things that once brought happiness lose their effect over time. Tali SharotTeacher University College London And based on Massachusetts Institute of Technology.with Cass R. Sunsteinexplore this topic in their book “Looking Again: The Power of Realizing What Has Always Been”Where they suggest “sorry” To regain lost happiness.

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Get rid of itAs the authors describe it, it involves introducing changes into the daily routine to force a person to see the world from a new, refreshing perspective. This process, according to the authors, allows us to evolve and find Greater happiness In life by looking at the known with new eyes.

Sorrow.  Image: Unsplash.Sorrow. Image: Unsplash.

The effect of habituation goes beyond sensory perceptions, and affects deeper aspects of daily life such as: job And the Personal relationships. Sharot highlighted how certain customs, such as racism and sexism, can become normalized if one is not aware of them.

Ultimately, the book's message challenges us to break the cycle of comfort and repetition that many people find themselves mired in, especially as they get older. In this sense it was adopted “Get used to” This may not just be a choice, but an urgent need to instill the joy of living again.

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