The government proposes Ximena Fuentes and Manahi Baccarati to the UK and New Zealand embassies

With the aim of strengthening diplomacy, President Gabriel Buric and Foreign Minister Alberto Van Klaveren are awaiting approval of the nomination of former Undersecretary of State Ximena Fuentes to serve as Chile's ambassador to the United Kingdom.

This proposal comes after the resignation of Ambassador Susana Herrera in August 2023, due to complaints of workplace harassment and project management disagreements with the Bubío regional government.

As shown thirdThe appointment of Fuentes, a senior figure in the Social Convergence Party, is supported by his diplomatic experience and his history of “attention to political balances”, the basic requirements set by the government for this key position.

It is worth noting that on the occasion of Buric's second cabinet reshuffle, on March 10, 2023, Fuentes left her position as Undersecretary, to be replaced by political scientist Gloria de la Fuente.

Although the government's proposal is still awaiting approval, according to the aforementioned media, sources familiar with the negotiations are confident that it will be approved in the coming weeks. However, when formally consulted on these appointments, Foreign Ministry sources declined to comment.

Foreign Minister Van Klaveren expressed his confidence in Fuentes' ability to play the role of ambassador, highlighting her role in representing Chile before the International Court of Justice in The Hague, especially on sensitive issues such as the situation in Palestine.

Those close to Fuentes reveal her close relationship with Van Klaveren, who actively supported her because of his previous experience in important diplomatic cases, including the lawsuit between Chile and Peru before The Hague a decade ago.

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The potential nomination of Fuentes is not the only change on Chile's diplomatic agenda. It has also been confirmed that Manahi Bacarati, the current Director of the Protocol, will be proposed as Chile's ambassador to New Zealand, a country that has also seen changes in its diplomatic representation.

Pacarati's background, and previous experience in New Zealand, make her a strong candidate for this strategic position. He will be replaced in the Protocol Directorate by Christian Hodges Nugent, who until now was Director of the South American Division.

Diplomatic nominations were not without controversy. In March 2022, the Association of Professional Diplomats (ADICA) evaluated some of the appointments made by President Gabriel Burić regarding the country's ambassadors. However, he has also been criticized by others for his political past.

Moreover, today the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Gloria de la Fuente, had to go out to express support to the newspaper “La Moneda” for Tamara Morales, the Chilean Consul in Japan, who was severely criticized for her “casual” attire when receiving the representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. World Wrestling Council and multiple-time champion Stephanie Faker.

Gloria de la Fuente expressed on social media “my complete solidarity with our consul in Japan.” “It is unacceptable that this type of exclusion could be carried out on Anti-Cyberbullying Day, especially against a prominent official, who has developed an impeccable career in our department.”

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