INE Hidalgo is ready to present the results of the 2021 Children and Youth Consultation to the public agenda

  • A series of workshops will be held to analyze results and formulate proposals with children and adolescents, with the aim of identifying commitments with local authorities and formulating care programmes.

During the month of November 2021, as is the case every three years, an important exercise was conducted with children and youth from our country: Children and Youth Consultation 2021. In this important exercise, questions were asked on topics such as concern for the planet, care, well-being and human rights. In our state, 192,352 girls, boys and guys participated in over a thousand voting booths (virtual and physical).

In this sense, on June 29, the results obtained were presented to the State Group for Institutional Coordination and the Committee on Children, Youth, Sports and the Family of the LXIV Legislature of the H. Congress of the Free State and Sovereignty of Hidalgo.

Now, the delegation of the National Electoral Institute in Hidalgo is ready to proceed with the socialization stage of the results of the exercise.

This stage entails dissemination procedures in social networks, traditional media and in front of the strategic allies of the institution; In addition to the official delivery of the state results report to the Institutional Coordination Group, representatives of the executive authority and civil society organizations. In addition, procedures for returning results will be carried out before educational institutions in which physical or virtual funds have been installed and that participated in the development of ICJ 2021; Finally, a series of workshops will be presented to analyze the results and formulate proposals with children and adolescents.

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Once children and adolescents’ proposals are collected, tables will be held to determine commitments with local authorities in order to implement public policies that meet the needs expressed in the process, as well as to formulate care programmes.

From INE Hidalgo, committed actions will be pursued to help guarantee the rights of children and adolescents.

The Electoral College invites the citizens of Hidalgo to monitor the social networks of the National Institute of Statistics to learn about the progress of the said actions and to see the relevant results in the entity. Visit the league

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