Guatemala seeks to stop pre-Hispanic parts auction in France – Prensa Latina

Legal action to recover the 22 items is the responsibility of the Ministries of Culture and Sports (MCD) and Foreign Relations, according to an institutional statement released Friday.

The text specifies that two homes in the European country have scheduled sale activities on November 2 and 10.

This is Artcurial, which organizes the auction Archéologie and Arts D’orient Précolombienm (Archaeology, Oriental Art and Pre-Columbian Art), which aims to offer 12 properties recognized as part of Guatemalan cultural heritage.

For its part, Chiristie’s house displays 10 more pieces under the name Precolombian Art & Taino Masterworks from the Fiore Arts collections, the latter of which is approx.

All of them left the country illegally, the statement said, and Guatemala law prohibits the export of their heritage.

Experts from the General Directorate of Cultural and Natural Heritage analyzed auction catalogs, which prompted the homes to stop programming and processing claims.

A few days ago, MCD announced that in the coming months part of the Mayan Stela No. 9 from Piedras Negras, Petén, recovered after a similar operation, will arrive in the country, also in France.

60 years after its disappearance, the piece will return thanks to the joint mobilization of Guatemala, France and UNESCO, and the voluntary delivery of the Manichak Aurance private pool.

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