3 natural herbs that help get rid of gases to get a flat and healthy stomach

the health It is not just about not getting sick, many times certain situations arise that are considered something normal for the body but may be an expectation that something is not right. On this occasion we will focus on Gases Stomach problems, something that affects countless people around the world and is worth learning about.

Herbs and health. Source: Pixabay

Dr. Jonathan Gottfried, of the Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University, says that the presence of… Gases This is normal in people’s digestive system and can be expelled through the anus and through the mouth. However, when these gases cannot escape, they can cause constipation or diarrhea.

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The Mayo Clinic points out that gas or belching is normal and common, but sometimes it is accompanied by abdominal bloating and severe stomach pain. In this case, gases should be understood as signs or symptoms of some serious condition of our body. health And that in general we face changes in the food we eat.

Herbs and health. Source: Pixabay

In this regard, there are some natural alternatives that can help us get rid of stomach gas and get a flat and healthy stomach. In this case we will point to three Herbs Natural, you can add it as an infusion and discover its benefits. The first of which is basil, which has properties that enhance our digestion process, reduces stomach gas and the feeling of heaviness in the abdomen.

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he Cardamom It is another natural species that speeds up the digestion process, reducing gas formation and reducing stomach bloating. This herb increases the production of digestive juices and adding it to the body is a good choice for us health.

And finally, the third herb What can benefit us is ginger, as it is one of the most prominent properties of the relaxation it causes in the intestinal muscles, which helps avoid bloating and gas formation. Its consumption is also associated with alleviating abdominal pain and easing digestion.

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