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The best rates will be those that remain in the School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences of the Autonomous University of Chihuahua, a situation that has caused anger from some students from the first semesters, who will have to adapt to the previous model when they return to the previous model. the rules. If they don’t stay, they’ll be able to take a token to submit to Ceneval again.

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Every semester, regardless of the change in the educational model, admission to this college has been a problem because it is the professions that are in high demand in the university.

The high demand it scores is an indicator of quality, being ranked as one of the best in the country, so much so that it is part of the steering committee of the Association of Medical Colleges and Schools, and with accreditation from jobs that have raised its quality.

The main problem faced by the profession of surgeon and midwife is the number of students they can accept during the semester, since only the top 120 averages can enter the Ceneval exam, but other professions in the same conditions, for example in Biomedical Engineering and Bachelor of Physiotherapy from 25 can receive to only 30 students per semester due to profession requirements.

“We must act responsibly, we must have sufficient final competency and monitor an appropriate path so that the students who are accepted are those who end up with adequate preparation and the appropriate clinical areas where they can do the training,” said Dr. Luis Carlos Hinojos Gallardo, Director of the College of Medicine and Science Biomedical.

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He explained that coordination must be made with the Ministry of Health, IMSS and ISSSTE because they are the clinical areas in which this is done through an agreement for fifth grade students. and sixth. The semester starts going to them, a situation that has been limited by the pandemic, but that is moving towards normalization.

Admission to the first semester depends on this situation, which is why he said it was normal to have anxiety among students who were studying the new Renovation UACH-DS educational model, who had brought a letter of disapproval to the Rectory of the Rectory of the Rectory of the Rectory of the Rectory University.

In the renewal form there was an undergraduate course (first and second semesters), in which everyone participated, but they were not medical students; To enter the profession, they lacked two examinations: the first for the sectional course and the second for the professional part, i.e. medicine.

With this form suspended, students will have to join the previous form, so the Unit Academic Secretary and the University Academic Directorate analyze the Learning Units (UDA) they have studied and can be equivalent in the traditional form.

“It is important to point out that it has been said: ‘You have to try to influence them as little as possible,’ which is kind of wrong because what young people want is learning, we have to be responsible for matching the knowledge really gained and giving them the opportunity to gain the rest of the knowledge,” said Dr. Hinojos.

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The analysis must be completed by November 17, at the moment the contents are shown to see what can be re-checked.

One thing to keep in mind is that the amplitude is not the same in the refurbishment model and the traditional model, with the yield only the best rates will remain, i.e. those with a best 120 score on the Ceneval test.

Those who have not reached an admissions degree in medicine will be offered options in other academic units.

If you do not accept anything because you want to enter medicine, you must process your file and take the Ceneval exam.

“You have to study hard to get into medicine, study to stay and study until graduation, it’s not exclusive to college, it’s universal.”

The token delivery period ends on November 26 and at the latest on November 19, students will know the results.

Currently, all students must enter the Sega platform, where they choose the degree they wish to obtain, according to the score of Ceneval, the list will be made and admission will be based on the installed capacity.

The academic direction of the university will publish the results of each profession and the choices they offer students.

Uninformed students due to paradigm change at UACH

Students from the Autonomous University of Chihuahua who are enrolled in the School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences have expressed their dissatisfaction with the change in the educational model, asserting that they have wasted their time and money on subjects that will not help them continue their careers. exercise.

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By a letter delivered to the Rectory Building at UACh, addressed to the coordinators of each of the professions, as well as to the Academic Secretary of the College, among other authorities, they agree that with the suspension of the UACH-DS renewal form he has left his academic training adrift.

They demanded the intervention of the authorities in order to find an immediate solution to the situation that has arisen with the abolition of the ongoing reform.

They argue that they do not have information about how they will obtain the knowledge needed to study the next semester.

It also requires a discount on enrollment to compensate for lost time and material resources for past semesters.

The document states that they have not completed the hours set by the calendar, due to virtual classes that continue despite the fact that the university community has already been vaccinated.

Students ask for an answer and the list of Ceneval results should be transparent to see where they will be.

It should be noted that the Academic Directorate will publish the results on November 19.

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