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Millions of users around the world consider it so It is the best web browser, although there are certain tools that do not fully satisfy its audience especially in its mobile version; However, it is still superior to other search engines such as: Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, etc. I recently learned that Chrome has implemented a change to tab groups. Do you want to know what it is? Here we tell you.

Tab groups in . format It turns out to be a headache and even worse when you want to manage it, as it is currently not possible to deactivate tab grouping in a quick and easy way, something that users have been shouting about. To achieve this, you have to enter a group, press and hold on the tab you want to remove until the word “Remove from group” appears and you can drag it to remove it.

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Unfortunately, this request did not reach ears google browserHowever, Big G has reported through their support page about a new change of tab groups that will make more than one happy. This is the option that will give you the possibility to open links outside the group, even if you are inside it.

Imagine that you are browsing Chrome and suddenly you see interesting content, if you press on it you will automatically lose the previous page, but if you press on it now, you will get the new option “Open in new tab”, it means from the group.

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At the moment, this tool is only available in the beta version of Google Chrome exclusively for Android and it is not yet known if it will arrive before or with Android 12. Do you want to experience? Follow the simple steps for the letter.


  • Open Google Play Store and search Chrome Beta.
  • You can also click to go straight.
  • Now, click install, wait for it to load and that will be the case.
  • It is recommended to restart the cell phone or delete all used applications (do not uninstall them) so that you can quickly access the new function.

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