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England, get out of there, this is not your family.

In a development that few expect, the UK will attempt to join the Treaty between Mexico, the US and Canada (T-MEC).

Given its declining hopes for negotiating a bilateral agreement with the Americans, Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government will explore the possibility of joining the tripartite treaty, according to officials consulted by Bloomberg.

On Tuesday, Johnson met personally with US President Joe Biden. Bloomberg and other media reported on the same day that Biden made clear that the bilateral agreement with the United Kingdom was not a priority.

We must remember that Johnson is the implementer of Britain’s exit from the European Union. Following the political and economic divorce between the United Kingdom and the European Union, the Prime Minister chose to negotiate a trade agreement with the United States. Then-President Donald Trump gave scope to this possibility, but nothing was achieved during his administration.

Joining the T-MEC is, at present, one of several options the UK will pursue. There is also the possibility that it will conclude several smaller agreements with the United States.

Johnson’s government has already signed trade agreements with several countries, including Australia and Japan, in addition to an agreement with the European bloc, and has also submitted its application to join the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (TIPAT).

*With information from Bloomberg

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