Gertz Maniro, Among the 2021 National Awards

The winners of the 2021 National Arts and Letters Prizes are writer Paco Ignacio Taipo II and Las Reinas Chulas, lawyer Alejandro Gertz Manero and poet Mardonio Carballo.

“These awards are considered the highest recognition of innovation bestowed by the government of Mexico. The awards will be held today at the Museo Sencali of the Los Pinos Cultural Center, formerly known as the Sciences and Arts Awards, and are awarded alongside the National Science Awards,” the agency said in a detailed statement.

The winners are: In Linguistics and Literature, Paco Ignacio Taipo II, for his “significant contribution to the cultural promotion and promotion of reading in the country, through the 21-for-21 collection, with 4 million 380,000 copies free or at reasonable prices” and “Management of the Economic Culture Fund with Austerity and Power” ethical”.

In the field of fine arts, Las Reinas Chulas, a cabaret company made up of Anna Frances Moore, Cecilia Suter, Marisol Jasse and Nora Huerta, has distinguished not only in its shows that use “satire, farce, and music to offer social criticism of humor”, realizing with his work a way of dissent and reflection on current issues”, as well as “for his contribution to the fourth transformation”.

In history, social sciences and philosophy, the award was given to Prosecutor Alejandro Gertz Manero “for the relationship of his research published in books such as ‘Seguridad y Justicia’. If possible’; ‘Legal and Social Defense of the Cultural Heritage of the Nation’; ‘Mexico. The profile of Un Rostro Oculto, Guillermo Prieto (Biography) and Ignacio Allende’ in these last two works stood out for their ‘amazing originality’.

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Finally, in the field of Folk Arts and Traditions, the award was given to Mardoño Carballo “for his contribution to the promotion and dissemination of indigenous Mexican languages”.

National Science Awards 2021

The names of the winners of the 2021 National Science Prize have also been announced. In the Technology, Innovation and Design category, Academician José Antonio Romero Telici for his “tireless and tireless” work in creating study plans that contribute to the fourth stage of transformation; However, it has been reported that the Physical, Mathematical and Natural Sciences category has been modified to Natural Sciences and Folk Knowledge, and in this first edition it will be handed over to Cristina Beaulieu, an outstanding academic repatriated and currently enrolled in Conacyt International’s Planning, Communication and Collaboration Unit, “for his dedication to understanding the world of through astrology.”

The statement notes that Romero Telaci, who was appointed by María Elena Alvarez-Bella as Director of CIDE, was awarded the prize for having reached out to CIDE for keeping students away from the path of neoliberal science, and for “his ability to dialogue with the student and academic community”.

Dear reader, although this government has been in power for three years and anything can happen, on this Holy Innocents’ Day, don’t be fooled by this fun information.

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