Genshin Impact’s developers admitted to crying when they accused Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Comparisons are said to be hateful, and sadly this situation has been brought to bear head-on by miHoYo teaming up with Genshin Impact. It had been a few years since it was published, but it wasn’t until now when Liu Wei, the company’s president, wanted to comment on how it was That difficult time they had to go through.

At the Genshin Impact FES 2023 event held in Shanghai, China, Wei a statement Some anecdotes about the development of the acclaimed free game. At that time, the team was very small and consisted of employees who did not have excessive experience, so they were familiar with the project implementation. It would have been a very complicated task.

Moreover, he even admitted that if he had known firsthand how hard it was, he would have given up and everything. Added to this was also the lack of a graphics engine and the design of an open world would not be easy at all. However, The real problems started when it was shown to the publicEspecially when it’s launched.

At that time, a large number of users saw a lot of details in the title that are similar to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Accusing him of plagiarism because of the similarities which shared the award-winning Wii U and Nintendo Switch title. However, the team did not expect something like this to happen and some developers did not stop crying after reading such accusations.

Many of my colleagues were crying and wondering why this is happening? What did you do wrong? Let’s prove ourselves. Let’s do the part of Genshin effect that no one saw.

And it was said and done, because as the months go by the game She never stopped receiving updates with all kinds of news, more areas to visit, jobs and much more which caused it to gain more and more followers and thus more accusations of plagiarism were removed. He even encouraged miHoYo to wear Genshin effect To more platforms and it looks like he still has rope left for some time.

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