What are the most invested companies in Mexico in the first half of 2023?

From January to June this year, it was foreign investment direct (FDI) that Mexico took over was its principal source in companies located in 10 countries, which invested 95 of every $100 that came into our country.

Total in the first half of 2023 initial investment that were registered amounted to 29 thousand and 41 million dollars, of which 27 thousand and 674 million dollars originated in twelve countries, according to the data of the General Secretariat of Economy.

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The largest investors were companies headquartered in United Statesuch as Banamex, General Motors, and Philip Morris; Spain It became the second largest investor in Mexico when capital arrived mainly from BBVA and Iberdrola and in the Aranzazu mining sector.

Third, it is Germany With companies like Bosh, BMW and Mercedes Benz; Fourth, there are companies Argentinain particular Ternium, Mercado Libre and Lightech, the agency noted in a document.

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In fifth place, corporate investments JapanAmong them are Nissan, Toyota and Honda. They follow him Holland with Heineken and Playa Hotels & Resorts; So are companies Canada Such as Scotiabank, CDPQ, and CPP Investment Board.

signatures United kingdom Those who have invested the most in Mexico are: Diageo, BP, and GlaxoSmithKline; Finally there are companies Swiss Such as Nestlé, Novartis, Holcim and those of France Axxa, Sanofi, and Forvia.

Overall, the largest investments occurred in the automotive, financial and various manufacturing sectors, according to the Ministry of Economy.

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