Gandalf vs Dumbledore: Fans compare and decide who will win a magic battle | entertainment

They are both strongest witches in their respective franchises, but what if they clashed?

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2001 marked the start of two of cinema’s most memorable franchises. On November 23 Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone A month later he was released The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. In these films it was introduced to him Dumbledore s GandalfWho will prove to be the most powerful magicians in their saga, but have you ever wondered who will win a magic battle?

This controversy between fans of both epics was frequent, and it is now revived online and has become trends. What are you, #TeamGandalf or #TeamDumbledore?

Despite the fact that the Howgarts director has proven to be very strong and has more skills than Harry Potter himself, he is a fan who has read the books of both sagas, not only has seen the movies, but assures that in a hypothetical battle, Gandalf will be the winner.

According to what he explained through his Twitter account, Gandalf was able to defeat an ancient demon in addition to being sent by Ilúvatar, the creator of everything in mythology created by JRR Tolkein.

“As a fan of both franchises and after reading all the books of both, I must say so Gandalf Win, Dumbledore Even though he was an excellent wizard, he had nothing to do against a spiritual being who defeated his ancestral demon and sent Ilvatar himself to protect us, ”Arian Latori said on Twitter.

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However, there are others who claim to be powers in the saga Harry Potter They are even stronger because the person in The Lord of the Rings looks more accurate.

Now, before you fight and start hating one franchise or another just because there are people attacking one of your favorite characters, it is important that you understand how the two stories relate to each other.

According to what he said JRR Tolkien In various documentaries, he did The Hobbit Like a children’s story. Lord of the Rings s El Silmarillion It was the intention to create whole myths that the United Kingdom could make, because during the first half of the twentieth century, it claimed that this identity had been lost in the European nation since cultural elements of mythology were adopted from other countries.

For this reason, creating an origin story, inventing hundreds of characters and giving life to Middle Earth, these new myths contain elements that JK Rowling herself has taken as a reference to give life to her magical world. So far, we recommend you to go to enjoy movies Harry Potter And the third hour Lord of the Rings: A great marathon!

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