Gabriel Borek will be the next president of Chile and Caste admits defeat

Gabriel Borek, the next president of Chile. Photo: AP.

The left-wing candidate, Gabriel Borek, won the second round of Chile’s presidential election, with nearly 56% of the vote counted, registering 96.74% of polling stations nationwide, according to provisional data released by the Electoral Service (Servel) after 19:00. :30 (local time).

In this way, the left-wing politician gets more than ten points of advantage over the far-right candidate, José Antonio Caste, who partially accumulates more than 44%.

In the metropolitan area, the main scene of the recent social eruption that prompted the creation of a Constituent Assembly, the left exceeded 60%. On the other hand, in the Araucanía region, which is characterized by tension between the Mapuche groups and the security forces, caste prevails with 60%.

At the moment, the correct votes have been counted for 7.9 million people across the country, while the counting tasks are progressing at a good pace. Of this total, 4.4 million voted for Borek and 3.5 million voted for his opponent.

Cast congratulates Borek on his ‘great victory’

After recording half the votes, Caste posted on social networks congratulations to Borek, recognizing his “big victory” in the vote: “From today he is the elected president of Chile and deserves all our respect and constructive cooperation,” he said.

Thus, after Caste’s admission of defeat, all eyes turn to the possible statements of Borek, who is close to becoming the next head of state.

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Soon after the final count was over, many political leaders saluted Borik on his irreversible victory.

“We must assume the obligation to strengthen the bonds of brotherhood that unite our countries and work together in the region to put an end to inequality in Latin America,” said Argentina’s President, Alberto Fernandez.

(With information from RT in Spanish)

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