How to Improve Accuracy in Your Golf Shot

If you’re going to enjoy much success in golf, then you’ll want to be able to control where the ball goes once you’ve hit it. While we might spend hours, days, or even years trying to optimise the amount of power we get from our swing, that effort isn’t going to be worth much if that power isn’t directed appropriately.

Let’s take a look at a few tips that will help you to direct the ball, and improve accuracy in your game more broadly.

Keep your wrist in flexion

The muscles of your forearm, like most of the muscles of your body, work in pairs. When one muscle contracts, the back of your hand moves upward, toward your elbow. That’s extension. When the other contracts, you palm moves toward your elbow. That’s flexion.

At the point of impact, you’ll want to keep your left wrist in flexion. This means that your clubface will be parallel to the ball at the moment of impact. This applies especially if you’re using a driver.

Approach the Ball properly

If you don’t step up to the ball in the right way, then you have set yourself up for failure before you take a swing. Put the head of the club in place first, and then position your feet accordingly. If you put your feet in place first, then you might find that your distance from the ball is ever-so-slightly wrong.

Swing for a lower trajectory

It’s easier to aim the ball when you’re keeping the trajectory low. Put the ball in the middle of your stance, and put a little more weight on your front leg. Your follow-through will be slightly limited by the ground, which means that you’re less likely to scoop the ball into the air. This makes it easier to control the direction of the ball, as you’ll be worrying less about the direction and speed of the wind.

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Visualise the target

Think about where you’re aiming while you strike the ball. Visualising the desired outcome prior to the swing isn’t just about positive, or magical, thinking. It’s a proven strategy that can be applied in a variety of pursuits, not just in sport.

Adjust your swing speed

If you try to apply too much power before your swing technique is at the right level, then you’re going to run into problems putting all of the different components of the swing together into a single smooth action. Be aware that a faster swing will create more height, since the follow-through will generate more backspin. If you keep you swing short, then you’ll have less to worry about when it comes to technique – and you’ll find it easier to direct the ball. As you gain confidence, you can then introduce a little more power.

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