Ómicron cancels year-end celebrations in the UK and other European countries – El Sol de Puebla

The South African alternative to SARS-Cov2 Omicron, is pushing health authorities in various countries to restore strong measures. the more in the number of injuries caused They will cancel several celebrations end of the year model.

Despite the fact that in many parts of the world as in Mexico a Warning Low risk in the face of a pandemic due to COVID-19 There are regions in Europe that are already implementing new protocols to deal with them this crisis.

Preliminary studies directed tactics To be taken by different countries, such as the application of a third dose The vaccine is a booster, so you have better protection against a micron.

What actions have been taken in the UK?

Government United kingdom Initial measures have been taken the mandatory use of face mask In enclosed spaces. They also paid great attention to vaccination, Now to enter the nightclubs people have to show their certificate along with the full immunization plan, in case they don’t get it they have to submit guide negative covid.

This led to the population List, Because they considered that the actions they carried out british prime minister, Boris Johnson, he Their freedom is violated. Protesters appeared on Oxford Street without a mask.

People dissatisfied with these decisions marched with placards that read “Vaccine passports kill our freedoms” and “do not comply”.

Another strategy was to Accelerate vaccination campaigns Against Sars-Cov2, because they are confident in its efficacy and keep in mind that only in this way will they be able to reduce the infection curve. In this sense, they hope to be People Who did not want to be vaccinated Meditation about this situation.

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Restrictions on other European countries

They do something similar in France; Children’s Vaccination Day 5 and 11 years old It will start from Wednesday. Here people are asked to submit a file Evidence of vaccination To enter shops such as cafes, restaurants or entertainment centers.

For this moment already Celebrations canceled These days due to the high incidence of infections; traditional fireworks By New Year’s Eve, they were already officially suspended. On the other hand, policies are also envisaged restrictive On non-resident flights.

There are other countries have taken more extreme measures, As is the case in Denmark , Here the complexes, cinemas, theaters and concert halls are already closed. also in Ireland They have already decided that a prohibition; It will be in bars that can only work until 8:00 pm

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