Learn about the interactive exhibition “Science and Art” at the Tlaxcala Gallery – El Sol de Tlaxcala

For scientists, a well-constructed theory is equivalent to a work of art, which is why the Musée des Sciences Universum and the National Institute of Fine Arts created “Science and Art”. “How to put order in the world scene”, An exhibition that you can visit for free at the Tlaxcala Exhibition Center. Exhibition Fair 2023.”

In this interactive exhibition Innovators emphasize the similarities between scientific creativity and artistic creativity. Behind both lies the human mind’s natural ability to search for patterns, as well as the joy of inventing them. Both are legacies of our species’ evolution.

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The tour is divided into three sections: Cognition, Brain and Communications. They all contain scientific theories about these topics and a series of artworks to explain them, from parts of films such as “Toy Story” or “The Silence of the Lambs.” Even abstract paintings artist.

  • Imagine. In the first part, you will be able to interact with installations that trick your senses: a static spiral that gives the optical illusion of movement, a series of instruments with white noise, boxes to discover objects by touch, and a music box that awakens emotions through its soundtrack. From some popular artistic films.
  • brain. To emphasize that the brain is the great translator of our lives, Universum has five facilities: a film montage screen, a kapla table, a prediction video game, and two areas for creating your own music.

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  • Links. Do you like touches? Here you can feel it light or strong, you decide how to experience the electricity in your body. In addition, in this field you will learn about the process of constructing a Picasso artwork and its relationship to the scientific theory of abstraction. You’ll also find hidden meanings in other works and build hypotheses in a game that tests your detective skills.
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Far from being scientifically inspired art and science that can be presented as art, Science and Art suggests that these two ways of thinking share many basic principles, Like a taste for order and the joy of building, giving shape, and creating.

“How to put order in the world landscape” is an exhibition that you can visit for free at the Tlaxcala Exhibition Center. Exhibition Fair 2023.”

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